8270 pinsetter

We have extensive knowledge with these workhorse machines!

What is your problem?

Pile ups?

Ball Calls?





Whatever it is, we can repair it to your satisfaction!

82-30 pinsetter

We also work on the 8230 machines.



A-2 pinsetter

There are many A-2 machines in operation all over the United States. We have seen these machines neglected and treated poorly. The amazing thing is they still run! We will make them run better so you have a minimum of lane stops. We have extensive knowledge of these machines and know how to make them run correctly.

Brunswick A pinsetter

There are still many model "A" machines in operation. Some say the A is the best. They run a little slower but have fewer major breakdowns. Slow but Steady! We repair all A models as well



Whatever the problem whatever the reason WE CAN FIX IT! Just lost you head mechanic? A problem that has haunted you for months? Have a mechanic that just knows how to fix it. We travel to your center, evaluate the problem, and tell you how we will fix it and what it will cost. We can repair the problem or if your mechanic knows how to change the part and/or make the ajustments, he can repair it. We love the sport of bowling and want you to make money in your center as well as have satisfied league and open bowlers. We travel by ground (if your within a few hours drive) or by air, to ANYWHERE in the United States.Contact us for a quote for your problem.


We have over 15 years of experience with Qubica scoring and front desk operations. Having a problem, let us help! Don't pay the high price of Qubica phone support who may or may not fix your problem. Let us know what your problem is. If we can't fix it we don't charge for it!